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Please visit our Etsy Shop "Shop for Change" to see what we've been making to help women and girls in need!  Right now, you can purchase handmade baby headbands like the ones below and 20% of your purchase goes directly to help women and girls who are victims of human trafficking, as well as to prevent maternal and infant mortality and treat severe birth injuries in the developing world.

About Shop for Change:

Our family was working with the ministry “La Alianza” against sex trafficking in the Dominican Republic until this past June when our lives were turned upside down with the birth of our daughter.  We learned first-hand about the severe issues regarding maternal health care in developing countries.  After an extremely traumatic birth experience which was mishandled by the doctors there, I was left with severe internal damage and our daughter Kenya was having seizures.  We left on medical emergency to the United States and are not able to go back at this time to continue our dream of starting a home for survivors of sex trafficking.  Kenya is thankfully doing better by a miracle of God, but I've spent several months on bedrest and so began the baby headband making craze.  We wanted to use the money we raised to continue supporting our mission in the DR and also to focus on our new mission of helping other women who suffer with severe birth injuries (as well as aid in the prevention of infant and maternal mortality in developing countries).   And so, “Shop for Change” was born.  With each purchase you make, we are able to give a cut of the money to help our mission that we had to leave behind in the DR, while also preventing future birth trauma and injuries like we’ve experienced from happening to other women and babies in developing countries. 

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