Sep 1, 2014

School starts tomorrow!

Hola mi muñeca,

Schools starts tomorrow and summer has come to a close.  I'm not sure how long I'll get to write this as you nap the afternoon away on this rainy Labor Day but I wanted to write and say what a fun summer I've had with you and I'm thankful for each moment of it!  While I didn't get to many of my summer projects (like printing this blog), we did check almost everything off of the bucket list.  Some of our favorite summer memories include...

Vacation Bible School at church... you were in my class with the pre-schoolers and Kinders - it was all total Spanglish and chaos but lots of fun!!

Friendship bracelets

Memory verses

Playground time

Berry picking - We did strawberry picking, raspberry picking, fed animals in the petting zoo and ate ice cream!  We took Brandon (from church) with us once but he stomped on all the berries more than anything!


Fourth of July - We went to the parade in EGR, watched a waterski show, went to a picnic, and you fell asleep with me during the fireworks (you were not a fan and they went til 2am in our neighborhood)

Doughnut dates - We did these for filling your potty chart.... BUT when you saw your buddy Brandon was still in diapers you decided the potty wasn't cool anymore so you're back in diapers.  You are more into the potty though now that you see your cousins using it so maybe we're back on our way?  Either way we loved all the Krispy Kreme dates and even got to go with Auntie Lauren when she was visiting from London too!

Lake Michigan - It was more of a cool rainy summer but we tried to make it to the beach at least once a week.  You flew your first kite and you are actually liking the water now too!

Our trip to Indiana with the Stanley
Trips out of town - We went to stay with your grandparents, swam in Nana's pool, went on Auntie Melissa's paddle boat and mostly just tried to stay out of Daddy's hair while he fixed up the house (since we found out you are allergic to it).  He did an amazing job!

UMC Church Camp - We went down to Dowagiac and stayed at camp with all our Spanish speaking friends for a weekend.  We ate tons of amaaaazing Dominican and Mexican food, sang songs around the campfire, made s'mores and for me it was mostly all about getting closer to God.  Dad made you your own train, you swam in the pool, and on the way back we stopped to play your first game of mini-golf and sat in the pilot's seat of a plane at the Dowagiac airport!
Sitting in the pilot's seat of the airplane!

Dancing Queen
Taylor Wedding - We went to daddy's cousin's wedding which was the cutest wedding ever and you were rocking the dance floor all night long.  Even when you were the only one out there, you were the QUEEN of the dance floor.  They were cleaning up the wedding and breaking down tables and you were still out there busting a move!!!

DeYoung family reunion - We went to Van Buren Youth Camp this weekend for the fam reunion.  Your cousins Ana Leah and Rachel flew in from the DR and you have been loving it!  You have a sudden new love for Spanish and it makes your mama so happy!!  You liked sleeping in our special cabin, going on sailboat rides (not our first ones this summer) and playing in the sand.  I will have to add those photos later though cause they're not on the computer yet...

Here are a few other random favorite moments from summer....

Fredrick Meijers Gardens
Dinner out at Brann's

Helping in Mama's classroom

Emily's fairy princess birthday party
Bounce house at the party

Ice cream and story date during a thunder storm

Frozen sing-a-long in the front yard
Wagon rides with your BFF Stevie!
Making smoothies - Smoothies and Sesame Street were part of our daily routine!
Dinner at Cracker Barrel - spending Mama's giftcards!
Picnic at the airport, welcoming in the airplanes
Helping Mama around the house!
There are a million more things I could list but just know that I cherish each of these moments with you can't wait for more.  Tomorrow you start back with Ms. Abby who just had a baby and you are very excited to see her!!  Going back to school is bittersweet - I am ready for a routine again but will miss you so much!!  Hope this year is a little smoother than last so we can spend lots of QT this year hanging out together and making more memories.  Love you to the moon and back!!!!

Your mama