May 27, 2014

Daddy's got a new name...

Dear Kenya,

These days you like to copy your mom and call your dad "hey babe".  You say to me that "hey babe" is downstairs or "hey babe" is outside or my favorite is when you call him for something and yell "Hey babe!  Come here!"  You're the best and you keep us laughing!  Love you girl!!  7 more school days left til it's just me and you - ahhhh!!! 

Your mama

May 17, 2014

Mother's Day and more...

Dear Kenya,

I just wanted to write quick (if I'm really capable of writing anything quick) to tell you what a special week this has been!!  Lucky for me, Teacher Appreciation week and Mother's day come in the same week, so I've been showered with gifts!!  You learned a song at daycare called "I love Mommy" and have been singing it non-stop (though when I tried to video it you inserted some lines about poop which I think you picked up from some of the older boys at daycare but ni modo)... and you've made me all kinds of sweet projects (have I mentioned that I love your teacher?).  My favorite was when you came home the other day and showed me a picture you made that said "Mommy, you are my sunshine" and you pointed to your scribbles in the middle of the sun and read each line to me, "I love you Mommy".  You seriously melt my heart.  You and Daddy picked out flowers and all kinds of fun treats and labeled them with silly notes - like Jelly Bellies that said "Because you carried me in your belly" and peanut M&M's which read "Cause you're kind nutty".  You guys are the best!!  You are the greatest gift I could ever ask for and I am so blessed to be your mom!!  Thank you for bringing so much joy to my life everyday.  You are our little miracle.  Love you to the moon and BACK!! 

 Love, Your Mama

P.S. I started writing this last weekend and now I'm finishing it on a Saturday in my classroom... sigh.... so I just had to add this little tidbit... you are finally going on your "big girl potty", like almost every night.  Dad strips you down and you zoom past me through the living room with blonde hair flying and naked little booty bouncing.  When we hear your toilet start singing, you run out all proud, doing this dance where you gallop around in circles (still naked mind you) saying "go Kenya, go Kenya", grinning ear to ear.  I need to get a video of it one of these days but don't think I'll ever put it on the internet.  Anyways you are the best chica!! 

And here are a few pics since I've written last...

At church on Easter with friends

Easter dress (your matching sweater was in the wash - oops)

Crown from Miss Abby's house (sorry that's all I can say because I refuse to call you a princess)

Amigas from our neighborhood

Sweet Bird jammies (your fave) - I think from the Dominican maybe?

This is what I wore to school for our big Cinco de Mayo fiesta - even though my kids informed me that "this isn't really a Mexican holiday Sra. DeYoung, only Americans celebrate it...  I changed first before going to the Mexican restaurant but took you out in this outfit - you can get away with it cause you're way cuter ;)
14 more days of school til I get to spend all summer with you!!!! 
 I can't wait!!!!