Nov 3, 2013

16 months

Dear Kenya,

I have been missing writing you letters on this blog - it's been too long!  You are taking a Sunday afternoon nap (a very rare moment) so I thought I'd sneak on here and see how much I can write you!  Maybe you're sleeping cause your dad and I forgot about daylight savings time and got up early and showed up to church an hour early - oops!! (not the first time for us either - last time we went an hour late though) 

Life has been a crazy whirlwind since I wrote you last!  Teaching has turned my life upside down since August.  The kids are awesome, I love all of them a ton - they are so sweet and compassionate and always a blessing to me and so many others (they love to donate to help the kiddos in the Dominican Republic which I love).   And while I do love teaching (though it's taken me a while to get used to speaking in Spanish all the time again), I sure do miss you and our time together more than you could ever know.  It's been a tough transition for both of us and I think sometimes it's hard for you to understand why I'm not around all the time like I used to be.  It's hard for me too, but I definitely treasure all my moments with you now more than I ever did since I don't get nearly as many of them as I used to.  Some of the special ones lately have been celebrating Halloween together (you were a duck since you are OBSESSED with them lately), going on a hay rides (which your dad did not appreciate as much as I did), eating Daddy's Saturday morning pancakes (topped with tons of yummy fruit) and just any other random adventure we can squeeze in on our nights and weekends.  I love the hugs when I get home from work, and playing and reading stories before bed.  Really I just love any time I get to spend with you! 

Some new things about you.... You LOVE ducks, they are your favorite thing ever (besides Santa).  I get jealous that Daddy gets to take you to feed them all the time while I'm at work.  He even built you a toy duck out of wood - he is so talented.  You are also still obsessed with the train and want to go running to see it every time we hear the whistle (you get bummed out more now when it's too cold and we have to watch it from the porch).  You are saying lots of new words - your favorite words lately seem to be "hot", "ice", "duck" (big surprise), "dog", "cheese", "more", "no" (more like "mooo" which you point and say to Santa), "eyes", "nose", and a lot more.  You have become a much more picky eater which is making your daddy and I crazy and you are always throwing food on the wall... I decided to bring butcher paper home from school to stick on the wall so you can decorate that with food instead!  But you do love cheese, chicken, watermelon, apples, corn, and a few other things.  You still hate sleeping.  I think I've read about every book, article, and internet forum there is to read with no luck, and spent a lot of money on every product that claims to help.  It has been 16 months now (or more) since I've really had a full night of sleep, but you are worth the exhaustion.  My students always make me laugh when I screw up my Spanish first thing in the morning and they ask me "How many times did Kenya get up last night Sra. DeYoung?" or tell me to drink my "cafe" before I continue teaching. ;)  Well I think I better post these photos of you before you wake up, but just wanted to take a quick moment to write you this note....

Dinner date to Olga's

chasing ducks

out at Art prize

in Mommy's costume

in your costume

out at Calvin "Light in the Night" - it was a very rainy night

Well I think that's all I have time for today but just wanted to write to remind you how much I love you and how much you mean to me.  I am thankful for the miracle that you are and for the the joy you continue to bring to my life everyday.  Oh and one more funny thing I wanted to tell you... we went out to a Mexican dinner with your grandpa last night and there was a mariachi guy serenading you and you were eating it up!!  You kept running back across the restaurant to see him.  You crack us up!!  Love you baby girl, to the moon and back!! xoxoxoxoxo

Love, Your mama