Aug 12, 2013

12 months and beyond...

Hey Kenya Kay,

It's been quite a summer, and quite a year!  Since this is technically my 12 month post, I can talk all about you being one and about the past year, but you have been one for a while. ;) I could blame this late post on you cause check out your 12 month photo... no matter how many times I tried your photo you just tried to pick your sticker off your onesie like crazy as soon as I put it on there.  But I'll take the blame on just being behind as always...

Since so much has happened, it is going to be hard to sum up the summer (since my last blog in June) and really this past year in one blog.  So here are some of my favorite summer memories with you...

Your first birthday.... your pretty dress, lots of friends and family, your first cupcake, lots of DIY decor (Mommy pinned about 1342789304879 things for your first bday ;), a photo booth with costumes, gifts galore, and tons of pink!

Your first times at the beach... playing in the sand, hating the water at first then jumping in like a daredevil and get tossed in waves, making friends, walking the pier, stealing balls and frisbees from anyone not looking, and (your absolute favorite) chasing seagulls!

Our first family vacation... to Chicago! (the place where mommy met daddy ;)  Seeing your great Uncle Jim and Aunt Jan, going to Taste of Chicago, riding the train, looking in the Bean, losing your shoes, and playing in the Crown Fountain. (the battery died on our phone so we didn't get any photos til the rest stop on the ride home)

Weddings... cousin Andrew and Kailyn's... Auntie Johanna and Tyson's.. and Grandpa and Grandma's - everyone thought you were a doll in all of them.  And you were very good at screaming to nurse and pulling down the front of my dress during the most convenient times (ceremony, best man speeches, etc.)

driving the golf cart at Auntie Johanna's wedding in Chicago
And lots of other randoms.... Parks, picnics, and splashpads.  Seeing the animals at the zoo.  4th of July parade and fireworks.  Lots of babysitting days with your grandmas and cousin Beth.  Meeting lots of new friends and reuniting with old ones.  Breaking all the rules at the library (it's quite a scene).  Decorating your bedroom (which you still hate to sleep in)  Night time family walks around the neighborhood.  Playing with friends at the Leche League meetings.  Family dates out and family night at the Children's Museum every Thursday.  Play dates with the neighbor kids (Sevyn is your bestie) and sitting on the front porch at 5:00 p.m. checking cars for dad.  Singing, singing, singing (mostly Patty Cake and Puff the Magic Dragon).  Backyard barbecues.  "Helping" in mommy's new classroom.  Teasing Santa (it never gets old).  Curious Buddies and doing the Shake a Rama (that one never gets old either).  Helping Grandpa in his vegetable garden.  Our new church "Nueva Esperanza" where we get to practice espanol and everyone says "que bebe mas bella!"  Going shopping with mom (where you basically do everything I always swore my child would never do and get "the look" a lot)  Using your very own potty that sings to you when you pee (you're becoming a pro!)  And SO MUCH MORE....

And looking back at this year.... you know I could write a 20 page blog about that ;)  So I'll just say this... it has been a rollercoaster year of ups and downs and joys and pains, but I wouldn't have wanted anyone by my side but you and your dad (and Santa... most of the time ;) and I still am in awe of the miracle you are and that God allowed me the honor of being your mom. We have been so blessed by you, and by all the people who have poured out love and support on our family this past year.  I am blown away just thinking about it.  Your testimony is one I tell over and over and over.  You bring your dad and I so much joy every day and we love being surprised by you and watching you change and grow.  Okay, time for bed.  I think from now on, I'm going to cut back on the monthly blog updates (cause I obviously can't keep up) and just post here and there.  Oh and you start daycare THIS MONDAY.  AH I am feeling nervous about that - they are talking about curriculum and centers and Spanish lessons - I'm not ready to let you grow up!  My whole Bible study prayed for you the other night and that all would go well there.  I will definitely miss you like crazy, but being the social butterfly that you are, I know you'll do great and love making lots of new friends.  Okay that's it for real now.  Love you baby girl, to the moon and back.

Love, Your mama :)

P.S.  With work and daycare starting up, it would be great if you would start sleeping through the night, pretty pretty please?